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To the lucky few, South Dakota has always been known as a sportsman's paradise. Very few states offer world-class whitetail, mule deer, antelope, Merriam's turkey, and prairie dog hunting in the same area (not to mention pheasant, sharptail grouse, prairie chicken, dove, and coyote). Over the past few years, many more hunters across the U.S. have started to realize South Dakota's endless hunting opportunities. You too will find wide open spaces, friendly locals, and game that could rival any other state.

At Oak Creek Outfitters, we offer whitetail deer & mule deer hunts, Merriam turkey hunts, and some of the best prairie dog hunting in South Dakota. For deer, we offer rifle, muzzleloader, and archery hunts. For turkey, we offer both shotgun and archery. And for shooting prairie dogs, of course, we use rifles. We recommend bringing more than one gun for prairie dog hunting. Some days are absolutely crazy and barrels can heat up fast. And we offer hunts on both state and tribal lands (this creates many more options for you...details throughout the site).

Advantages of Hunting with Oak Creek...

  • We are a fairly new outfitter (but definitely not new to hunting). That means we have lots of land that has been hunted very little and our camp will not be overcrowded.
  • Because we offer hunts on both state and Rosebud Sioux tribal lands (I am a registered tribal guide), your chances of getting a license in South Dakota are greatly increased. If you do not draw a state tag, you can most likely get a tribal tag, and vice versa.
  • We offer 12,000 acres of privately owned land for our state hunts and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe owns close to a million acres. That is a lot of land and it's full of nice bucks, white-tipped Merriam turkeys, and enough prairie dogs to keep you busy for days (I have heard that South Dakota has more prairie dogs than any other state).
Please read more about the hunts we offer by using the links to the left and also below. If you have any questions about our opportunities, feel free to contact me for more information.

South Dakota Deer Hunting (Whitetail & Mule Deer)

Oak Creek offers some of the best deer hunting in Mellette, Todd, Tripp, and Gregory County. We have around 12,000 acres of private land and we only take a few hunters each year. Our private land has had very limited hunting pressure in the last 10 years. I am also a registered Rosebud Sioux tribal hunting guide which gives Oak Creek's hunters access to hundreds of thousands of additional acres. Our available deer hunts include rifle, muzzleloader, and archery.

Take a look at our SD deer hunting page for more information on these trips. We also have pages dedicated to our SD bowhunting and our SD tribal hunts.

South Dakota Turkey Hunting (Merriam's)

If you are looking for a great place to hunt turkeys, then Oak Creek is the place to be. We have an amazing number of birds on our 12,000 acres of private state land, as well as, hundreds of thousands of acres of tribal land that we can guide you on. With so much land and so many wild turkeys, you can be certain that this will be a hunt to remember. We offer both archery and shotgun turkey hunts. Oak Creek is your South Dakota turkey hunting outfitter for wild Merriam turkeys.

Because we offer turkey hunts on both privately-owned state land and reservation land, you will have no problem getting a license for your weapon of choice. Our license page contains more detailed info on tags. For more info on the trips, please visit our SD Merriam turkey hunting and SD tribal turkey hunt pages.

Prairie Dog Hunting

Oak Creek offers some of the best deer hunting in Mellette, Todd, Tripp, and Gregory County. We offer prairie dog hunts on both private state land and Rosebud Sioux tribal land. If you're wanting to do A LOT of shooting, prairie dog hunting offers just that. Most hunters will shoot between 300 and 400 rounds per day (more definitely possible).

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Oak Creek Outfitters offers fully and semi guided hunting trips in south central South Dakota on private state land and Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation land. We offer archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunts for whitetail deer, mule deer, Merriam's turkey, and prairie dog. Our goal is to give you a good and safe hunt to keep you coming back to Oak Creek year after year.

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